Scott Baio Thinks President Obama Is A Muslim Sympathizer

. June 20, 2016 . 0 Comments

Scott Baio

“These radical Islamic terrorists are saying they are going to kill us… and then they kill us. And it’s still not enough for [President Obama] and Hillary Clinton to get serious about it,” those were the first words uttered by beloved Charles in Charge and Happy Days actor Scott Baio in a recent interview.

Last week, Mr. Baio, who has endorsed Donald Trump, appeared on the Fox Business Network where he explained that Obama’s decision not to use the term “Islamic terror” can only mean that “he’s dumb, he’s Muslim or he’s a Muslim sympathizer.”

After thinking about the matter, he concluded that Obama has to be a Muslim because “and I don’t think he’s dumb.” The TV star then asked what was the “end game” and proceeded to answer his own question by saying:

“Is it to totally eliminate the United States as it was created and founded and the way it is now?, I’m baffled by the lack of anything happening.”

Taking a page from Republicans in Congress, he asked, why do Clinton and Obama only get upset at members of the other party? He concluded his passionate monolog by reminding viewers that Trump is the only candidate, who wants and can eliminate ISIS.

While Mr. Baio is saying what many Americans are thinking, “why can’t Obama just say the words ISIS and “radical Islam” and move on with it?” Just because the president uses the proper terms to define these mass killers will not be enough for America to win the war on terror. To beat ISIS, this country needs actions, not words.

Do you think Scott Baio is right about President Obama?

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