Megyn Kelly: Corey Lewandowski Hiring Is A Sad Move For CNN

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Megyn Kelly Corey

Megyn Kelly
gave her two cents on CNN’s decision to hire Corey Lewandowski just hours after Donald Trump fired him as his campaign manager.

Last week, Lewandowski was ambushed by Trump’s children with a very long list of questions about their father’s rocky campaign. Lewandowski was apparently like a deer caught in the headlights and had no real answer other than to leak the name of the VP to change the conversation, which prompted Trump’s kids to give him the boot.

Seconds after getting dumped, he was on CNN with Dana Bash where he praised Trump over and over and declined to answer real questions. It appears that he was hired by the news network before he even accepted to do the interview, but out of embarrassment, they waited until Thursday to make an official announcement.

Many people including several female reporters at CNN are against working with Lewandowski, who has been charged with battery against former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Moreover, now, FOX News’ Megyn Kelly has decided to make her thoughts on the matter known.

While speaking to guest Howard Kurtz on her show Tuesday night, Kelly explained:

“The same guy who has threatened more than one journalist in the course of this campaign, has had some very ugly language attributed to him when it comes to women.”

Kurtz went on to make a valid point – there is no way Lewandowski will speak poorly of his former boss out of fear and mainly because he signed a nondisclosure agreement. He said:

“He doesn’t intend to utter a negative syllable about Donald Trump. And even if he wanted to he signed a confidentiality agreement with Trump, and so he is limited in what he can say.”

Kelly added:

“It’s not honest analysis.”

In the past, Lewandowski had promised to “blacklist” CNN reporter Noah Gray. Kelly added:

“I hope they don’t bump into each other in the green room. That’s gonna be awkward.”

It is wonderful to hear Kelly stand up for female journalists, too bad she picked ratings over her beliefs by going to the Trump Tower to interview the Donald after he said that she was not qualified, a lightweight, had blood coming from everywhere, and was a bimbo.

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