David Duke Backs Donald Trump’s Hillary Clinton Tweet

. July 5, 2016 . 0 Comments

David Duke Trump Star Of David Tweet

Believe it or not, former KKK leader David Duke has sent out a tweet in support of Donald Trump. Last week, Trump landed in hot water after he took the decision to tweet an ad blasting Hillary Clinton, which someway, somehow featured a Star of David.

The ad, which originated from a white supremacist website, featured a picture of Clinton on a bed of money, with a six-point star next to her head with the words “most corrupt candidate ever” written inside.

The ad created a major scandal, which led to Trump being tagged as antisemitic and a racist. Slightly embarrassed by the matter, Trump deleted the ad, stated that it was not a Star of David, but the 6-point star was really a “sheriff’s star.”

He went on to blast the disgusting and “dishonest media” for labeling the image a Star of David. Republicans making television rounds on Sunday made sure they dodged the controversy, but by Tuesday it was back in the headlines thanks to Mr. Duke.

Duke shared a series of tweets where he called Clinton a whore, who is working for Israel and added that she is the most “most corrupt candidate ever” and her top donors are “all Zio-Tribalists.”

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