Allen West: Hillary Clinton Is Weaker Than Joe Biden

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Allen West

Former Florida Congressman Allen West took to his official website to explain why he is very happy that Hillary Clinton was not indicted. Yes, you have read correctly, there is at least one Republican out there, who approved of FBI Director James Comey‘s decision.

In the lengthy post entitled “Here’s why I’m DELIGHTED about the FBI’s verdict on Hillary…,” West revealed that he prefers Mrs. Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president to Joe Biden.

According to Mr. West, President Barack Obama’s secret plan has always been to wait until Clinton gets indicted to name Biden as her replacement and make sure Massachusetts Senator Elisabeth Warren is his VP. The Tea Party darling wrote:

“Of course, the news cycle is completely dominated by FBI Director James Comey’s announcement yesterday recommending no criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. And my response is GREAT! I can’t thank Director Comey enough for coming to this decision.

My concern has always been that Barack Obama would release the hounds on Mrs. Clinton and then push for his vice president, Joe Biden, to be the Democrat nominee. And then, to placate the far lefty socialists, who own the Democrat party, Obama would position Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Biden’s VP. That would be a really tough ticket to beat, since Joe Biden’s favorables, regardless of gaffes and such, are extremely high.”

He went on to ask his fellow Republicans to thank Comey for clearly and publicly explaining that Clinton is a careless person, who has made countless errors and has put the country in great danger with the help of Huma Abedin, who is apparently working with terrorists. He revealed:

“However, James Comey just delivered a gift wrapped with a bow. Why do I say that?

Simple, here’s what FBI Director Comey said regarding Hillary Clinton and this email server episode:

He concluded Hillary was “extremely careless” in handling our nation’s secrets.
He admitted no reasonable person could have believed putting these emails on a private server was at all appropriate or acceptable.
He admitted 110 emails on the server were classified at the time they were sent — showing Hillary not only lied, but knowingly endangered national security as secretary of state.
He admitted Hillary deleted work-related emails before turning them over to the State Department, despite her claims otherwise.
And, most shocking, Mr. Comey even admitted it’s likely foreign governments hacked her emails — and our adversaries could know critical secrets about the U.S. government because of Hillary’s actions.

Here’s a simple Southern summation. Hillary Clinton was extremely careless with our not just classified, but highly classified, information — why not just term this gross negligence? I can tell you, if I were a member of our Armed Services who’s been punished for misuse or mishandling of classified information, I would be filing an appeal. See, in the military, at a minimum, you’ll lose your security clearance; maximum, you’ll face courts-martial punishment.

Comey has said Hillary Clinton is not reasonable — is that who you want as president and commander in chief? And Mrs. Clinton’s actions were not appropriate or acceptable. That follows with Mrs. Clinton’s blatant lie about not having any classified material on her private server — her unclassified, private, personal server. Hillary Clinton stated there was no classified correspondence she emailed — wrong, a lie. Lastly, Comey confirmed Hillary Clinton inappropriately deleted the property of the American people — State Department, work-related emails. We know from the deposition of her closest aide, the daughter of Muslim Brotherhood associates Huma Abedin, that she admitted to burning emails.”

He concluded by:

“Thanks, Director Comey, you may have just become the one person who will end the corrupt reign of the Clinton Family, and terminate any chance for an honorable legacy for Barack Obama.”

What do you think of Allen West’s statement on Hillary Clinton?

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