Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton, But His Ideas Lost

. November 11, 2016 . 0 Comments

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Many people in the media are still trying to understand Election Day 2016. Those pundits are calling for a reassessment of the Washington bubble.

Donald Trump‘s victory was surprising, but was not the kind of realignment that the country witnessed in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate with 40 years worth of political baggage. Some liberal voters in the swing states were left uninspired by her campaign. She never gave them a reason to come out for her, so they decided to stay home.

Despite all of this, Clinton will probably win the popular vote by over one million ballots. Trump won the race, but his ideas did not sweep the country like some commentators will want you to believe.

Democrats got complacent this year, but the future still looks bright for their coalition. The president-elect should not be underestimated, and he may turn out to be a successful leader, but Trumpism still has a lot of ground to cover before becoming the engine of a new era.

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