Donald Trump’s Scotland Trip Marked By Controversies

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Donald Trump had a rather bizarre welcome in Scotland. On Friday, when the presumptive Republican nominee arrived in the country for the inauguration of a new golf course, he was greeted with Nazi golf balls, yes, you have read correctly, balls with swastika crosses!

It was believed that a group of anti-Trump protesters threw about a dozen balls at the feet of the billionaire as he held a press conference. Trump had European reporters laughing while talking about how great it is that the United Kingdom had decided to exit Europe and how much money he will be making with his golf course.

Trump’s PR team rapidly removed the giggling reporters. Trump made a mockery of himself by saying that he has no idea who Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is – the man has been in power since 2014. Trump told the pool of reporters:

“I don’t know anything about him. I don’t care. It’s irrelevant.”

He was also greeted by people waving Mexican and gay pride flags. That is not all that was waiting for the politician. Demonstrators waved signs that read “Against Scotland Trump,” “Stand Up To Racism Scotland,” and “Love Trumps Hate. David Milne, who was at the event, said:

“If he gets to be president the US will be at war in a week and bankrupt in two. The man is an idiot.”

Simon Brodkin, the English comedian, who made headlines last year for throwing fake dollar bills on Joseph Blatter, the former president of Fifa, was responsible for the Nazi balls. When Trump’s staff found out, he was escorted from the golf course.

One must wonder why is Trump often associated with Nazi symbols.


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