Herschel Walker: Donald Trump Support Is Bad For Business

. June 26, 2016 . 0 Comments

Herschel Walker

Donald Trump supporter Herschel Walker is paying a hefty price for publicly talking positively about the billionaire.

Some people, who backed the mogul are attacked, they have eggs thrown at them while others receive death threats. However, the retired professional football player is feeling another kind of pain – his love for Trump is hurting his bank account.

The ex-bobsledder, sprinter, and mixed martial artist, who was a contestant on the second season of Trump’s reality television show Celebrity Apprentice recently came out, and he said:

“I’ve seen Trump around people, I don’t know where he says those outlandish, crazy things. And people say that he’s racist. But I’ve never seen anything that [made me] consider Donald is a racist. Because of the things – he’s said those outlandish things about building a wall – that doesn’t mean you’re racist when you say things like that.”

The Heisman Trophy winner received major backlash for defending Trump and many of the companies and universities that had asked him to speak at their events – canceled and asked for a refund. According to Walker, the speaking engagements were annulled because organizers feared anti-protesters would hijack the events.

The athlete claimed that despite getting dumped by three organizers he still has plans to publicly support Trump because he is the one, who can really make America great again. He claimed:

“I know for a fact that Donald Trump, who’s best for the job in those positions, is gonna be there to do it. It ain’t gonna be about Republican-Democratic. With him, it’s going to be about who’s best for that job.”

Those words have just landed him a place in the history books.

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