Morning Joe Backs Elizabeth Warren After Donald Trump ‘Pocahontas’ Attack

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Joe Scarborough

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough came to the defense of Elizabeth Warren during an episode that aired on Tuesday.

In the segment, which was covered by Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski, the pair offered some sound advice to Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party, who are constantly attempting to get the tag “Pocahontas” to stick to Senator Warren.

Mr. Scarborough, who was once a great supporter of Trump, said that he was disappointed that the Republican is still behaving like a kindergartner while Hilary Clinton is touring the country and talking to Americans about real issues.

The television host also took the opportunity to tell Scott Brown to grow up. Brown, a potential Trump VP, who lost his Senate seat to Warren, recently held a bizarre press conference where he demanded that the fiery Democrat take a DNA test to prove that she is indeed part Native American.

Scarborough hit Brown with the following statement:

“This is when you know you’re losing a debate. When your opponent is talking about working class Americans, and fighting hard to bring working class Americans back into the mainstream of American economic life, and you are talking about whether someone is 1/32 Native American and suggesting DNA testing.”

Scarborough went on to ask the following interesting question to his party:

“What the hell’s wrong with them — are they stupid? Are they stupid?”

Brzezinski, who rarely gets too deep about those things, surprised her viewers by revealing:

“They say they’re going to turn the page and pivot toward the general election and have a more elegant — but, you know, you can’t if your candidate is releasing ridiculous, cartoon-like, kindergarten-like statements.”

Scarborough agreed and added:

“If you’re going to turn the page, you turn the page — and they’re trying to turn the page, especially on the Muslim ban. But you can’t keep turning back. Turn the page, and then keep moving forward. That’s the discipline — they’ve got to be disciplined up and down the line. This ‘Pocahontas’ nonsense, this ‘goofy’ nonsense, they’ve got to stop — it doesn’t work. It makes them look small in the general election.”

Like President Obama did – toyed around with his “real” birth certificate, Warren is wasting time and ink. She can indeed prove once and for all that she is Native American and shut Trump up with a DNA test.

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